Translate Business Logic To Boost Revenue

In this competitive emerging technology world, every business is looking for a scalable, agile, smooth & continuous web applications to grow their businesses. To develop and maintain such web applications, you need a trusted and skilled technology partner. NexAI has the potential to deliver end-to-end development services to small and medium enterprises. We have been working in the industry of e-commerce and giving transformative web application to our client.

Furthermore, we provide the best solution by combining a human-centred design & robust storytelling approach to drive users to action & online brand growth.


Our Web App Development Services

Consultancy & Strategy

After understanding your objectives & business requirement, NexAI R&D team will provide you with an innovative solution for your problem. We also help you in reducing technical and market risk. After validating your vision and concept if there are multiple options to choose from, we advertise the right  technologies that suites your need then provide you with a valid road-map and suggest the best model for your business enhancement.


We will provide you with the web application with simplified user experience. We create visually appealing design by keeping mind of what you need and how user wants the system to be when interacting with it. Flawless navigation is our one of the most important priorities. Responsive web design is a section of our pride. We design the web app in such a manner, so that it is not only visually stunning but also  efficient in performance.


Our backend development services include creating a strong architecture which supports an advanced database and different adjustable necessary operations. Accurate security implementation is one of our expertise. We can Identify and align appropriate development tools according to your requirements that will provide users with a great experience and satisfaction of using the services while you will have the benefits of a scaleable system.

The Development Process



Set up a meeting with client to establish relationships and discover client's needs. We will closely collaborate with client to map out the best solution.



We take the time to determine requirements, research and analyse the current system, then propose the solution that makes the most sense for the client.



On the selection of final idea, our team will create a system design specification (SDS) document that contains all the information needed to develop the system.



One of the significant issues in the IT outsourcing industry is that the client cannot control the development process. As a result, the progress of your project is low efficient, unpredictable and time-consuming.

At NexAI, we adopt the Agile software development method which allows the client to control the development flow on a daily basis.



A comprehensive testing environment is created where all components are brought together and tested to ensure the system is functioning well and bug-free.



After delivering the product, client's feedback is well tracked and taken into consideration. Maintenance team further refines the app to meet current trends.