Red Car

Era of Electric Vehicles

The electric vehicle has become attractive in recent years with rising pollution concerns. According to the Netherlands research firm, an automated car can reduce the time traffic jams up to 50%, lower fuel consumption by 5%. Such cars needed a stable and secure navigation system for the vehicle. Besides, safety is one of the primary concern for these cars. Our client wanted a mobile application in which a car can distinguish things in its environment like roads and follow the driving rules and allow drivers to enjoy their ride to reach home safely and quickly.

Our Solution

We have provided a solution where the drivers can allow the software to control the car. This intelligent mobile automation software can manage the vehicle to navigate smoothly according to the rules and reach to the destination as quickly and safely as possible. It also senses the driver’s behaviour & emotion and keep them alert through the long period of inactivity. This application helps drivers keep a record for their battery timing. Except that, it allows drivers to control the air-condition and park their car without any hassle.


  • Battery Manager
  • Starts Car Engine
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • In-Car Camera
  • Automated Lock System
  • Social Networking

Battery Manager


Engine and Automated Door Lock


  • Turn on/off car engine
  • Lock/Unlock Door

Temperature Monitoring and Control


  • Turn on/off air-conditioner
  • Auto temperature mode
  • Slider controller to adjust temperature

Social Interaction


  • Create Post
  • Like/Dislike Post
  • Comment and Follow Post
  • Follow People and Organization