Digital Payment

Pakistan has a population of more than 202 million people. However, in this promising market, only 20% of the population has bank accounts. Those people who don’t have bank accounts were facing unpredictable issues while shopping online or transferring money to their family and friends within the country. To overcome these issues, NexAI incorporation with Silk Road Network Technology Co., Ltd thought of taking an ambitious leap with its innovative project called Minipay.

Our Solution

NexAI has provided a solution to the Payment security issue in Pakistan, and now it is the leading e-wallet. It helps users to transfer money instantly to their friends and family with QR Code or highly-secured messaging platform with zero transfer fee.

We also provide an e-shop feature to our users where they can buy enchanted deals and different products. We have integrated blockchain and cloud computing technology to create the most convenient and safest environment for the users.


  • QR Code Payment Transfer
  • Native Cloud Based
  • E-Commerce
  • Blockchain Payment System
  • E-Wallet
  • In-Chat Fund Transfer





  • Chatting
  • In-Chat fund transfer



  • Payment History
  • Payment Status

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