Food Delivery

Food-delivery platforms are allowing customers to order their favourite food from a restaurant with a single tap of their mobile phone. It is an exceptionally competitive industry with each contender offering something new. A while ago, people were facing issues while placing their orders due to the limited restaurant options and high delivery charges. On the other hand, restaurants were paying a high commission fee to distributors. Also, the distributors were also unable to manage cash flow and overall food delivery performance.

Our Solution

We have provided an AI-based automated,reliable and cost-effective food delivery platform to our client. Our solution helped them to grow their revenue by up to 567%. Because of the AI based automated order distribution system user will be getting food on time. Our solution allowed users to track their order in real time, pay online.

We have received “Leading Brand Award for Retail Cloud Computing International by the ASEAN Chain Chamber of Commerce in 2017.


  • AI Automated Order System
  • Cloud Computing
  • Multiple Languages
  • Smart Logistic System
  • Rating System
  • Online Payment

Admin Features of Delivery Management System


  • Manage all in one place
  • Get Notified with every new order
  • Find the best performing driver
  • Generate statistical report
  • Assign manually/ Automated
  • Manage user and enable access

Delivery App


  • Manage dashboard
  • Order status & history
  • E-signature proof of delivery
  • Manage user and enable access
  • Multiple- language Support

Our Online Ordering System will increase your revenue 3 times. Contact us now and grow your business effectively.

Customer App


  • Complete update from start to finish
  • Track instantly
  • In-app chat
  • Customer review
  • Multiple- language Support

Some of Our Brands

Our food delivery platform now operating in multiple regions as several brands, all the brands together processing more than thousands of orders per day, and we are glad that our brand Squirrel Mituan has been featured in CCTV4 of China and Sinchew of Malaysia