Cross-Border Payment

We all know that remittance plays a vital role in sustainable development. Each year, billions of dollars are sent by migrant workers to their home countries. In 2105, the United Nation has estimated that 3.3% of the world’s population lived outside their own country and face problem in sending money to their family & friends.

Our Solution

NexAI has provided a solution to overseas employees so that they can transfer money to their family &  friends without any hassle. Those who are living or working in ASEAN countries will no longer face any issue in their remittance. They can send money with just one click. This remittance mobile app has reduced delivery time and cost. Moreover, this app allows you to buy products online and meet new people near you. Modern technology has advances cyber currency bitcoin and blockchain payment solution and gave new opportunities to modernise the old remittance process.


  • QR Code Payment Transfer
  • Native Cloud Based
  • E-Commerce
  • Blockchain Payment System
  • Reload Card
  • In-Chat Fund Transfer