Artificial Intelligence Solution

Artificial intelligence is now at its peak and has become an umbrella term for several technologies like machine learning, smart bots, virtual assistance speech recognition and more. It can move faster and do things quickly and innovatively. It also assists businesses to fast track their enterprise decision making and scales up business operations. Moreover, this technology can help you to collect the data and analyse it to come up with a robust user experience for your users.

NexAI provides you with comprehensive, detailed and customised end-to-end intelligent solutions to improve your business. We are applying our keen understanding of artificial
intelligence to deliver advanced solutions for your businesses, and with these solutions, you can increase your business profit. We also help you to automate your business so that you can avoid repetitive work and focus more on offering good user experience to your customers.

Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine

A recommendation system is a subclass of information filtering system that seeks to predict the “rating” or  preference” a user would give to an item.

Recommender systems can be used to personalise the content of websites for each visitor individually. Other channels such as e-mail newsletters or mobile notifications can be personalised as well. We will provide you with the most suitable recommendation for your users to improve your business performance.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

ASR is a technique to identify and process the human voice with the use of software and hardware. It helps businesses to improve their services and allow them to provide a better user experience to their customers. Also, it will increase the customer’s interaction, grow your business efficiency and boost your employee’s productivity. NexAI will provide you with an ASR solution to improve the efficiency of customer self-service applications so that you can deliver an excellent experience to your customers.

Automatic Speech Recognition
Text to Speech

Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Text-to-speech (TTS) technique allows users to listen to the written text from the websites, books or newspapers on their mobile devices without any problem. Whether you want to purchase a product or you want your students to be more engaging with the content, TTS is one of the best solutions. It will enhance customer experience, allow students to participate with the material, optimise development and maintenance, save time and money. NexAI will help you to develop customised text to speech recognition solutions to maximise convenience for businesses and educational institutes.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA improves customer experience by speeding up the process, reducing the errors and extended service hours. It allows the employee to focus on the customer’s sensitive and critical issues. At NexAI, we develop robust applications that help you to automate the repetitive tasks and help you to solve the specific problem. It also delivers benefits quickly and efficiently. We can work with you to successfully integrate the RPA into your business.

Robotic Process


Messaging is becoming one of the most popular methods of communication. Chatbots are the computer software and these are designed to mimic a conversation with users over the Internet. It is also an assistant that communicates with users through text messages and provide the information quickly and efficiently. At NexAI, we help you to build chatbots according to your business needs. These bots expand customer experience by interpreting human behaviour, language and sentiments.

Image Recognition System

Image recognition is a vital component in robotics such as driverless vehicles or domestic robots. It is also essential in security systems such as facial recognition.

At NexAI, we provide you with a solution for the recognition in medical imaging such as cancer detection in x-ray images to assist doctors and so on.

Besides, we also help you built a robotic navigation system to track the motion of objects or camera tracking. The same can be used to recover 3D information from multiple cameras such as in structure from motion (SFM).


The Development Process



Set up a meeting with client to establish relationships and discover client's needs. We will closely collaborate with client to map out the best solution.



We take the time to determine requirements, research and analyse the current system, then propose the solution that makes the most sense for the client.



On the selection of final idea, our team will create a system design specification (SDS) document that contains all the information needed to develop the system.



One of the significant issues in the IT outsourcing industry is that the client cannot control the development process. As a result, the progress of your project is low efficient, unpredictable and time-consuming.

At NexAI, we adopt the Agile software development method which allows the client to control the development flow on a daily basis.



A comprehensive testing environment is created where all components are brought together and tested to ensure the system is functioning well and bug-free.



After delivering the product, client's feedback is well tracked and taken into consideration. Maintenance team further refines the app to meet current trends.