About Us

NexAI is an Information Technology (IT) Services and Solutions Provider company founded in 2013. The company has built on the firm belief that business owners and merchants can catch the IT wave to make the most out of their businesses. The digital revolution will help business owners in transforming the way they manage their business and data into a more systematic method. Our strength lies in identifying and the client’s business processes and goals across the industry segments and offering highly reliable client-oriented solutions.

At NexAI, we provide consulting, and IT services to clients globally as a partner. In assisting them to operate efficiently and produce more values, we conceptualise and realise technology-driven business transformation initiatives for them.

The idea of NexAI was birthed more than seven years ago after the founder took notice of the rapid developments of Android, iOS, and mobile apps market. Having accumulated five years in website development then, he anticipated a bright future of mobile internet which lead to the creation of mobile apps with the incorporation of blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

Our Business Value


We promote an entrepreneurial spirit that values passion & innovation and take calculated risk. We adopt the swift change in emerging technologies and overcome challenges and obstacles with positive thinking and courage. Our experts work with the “can-do” attitude which differentiates us from others.


One of our core values is “treat all individuals with respect”. We hold every business partner and team member to this core value because we want to surround ourselves with the type of people who value respect as well. We believe respectfulness has a definite correlation to a business's growth and success.


A business profits most when everyone is working together smoothly as a team. At NexAI, we strive to create and maintain a collaborative and cohesive work environment. Additionally, we encourage open communication, knowledge and idea sharing because we know that teamwork leads to success.


We built relationships with our partners and team members with honesty, sincerity, reliability and transparency. We stay true to our business partners or clients and deliver what we commit. NexAI follows the highest ethical and moral standards and takes all responsibility for any action.


We recognise the need for a company to show the highest levels of efficiency at all times and at all levels of their business as efficiency is vital to the success. As one of our core values, we always work at our full pace and breakthrough barriers to meet our goals of delivering high quality work on time.

Deliver Innovative High Quality Solutions

NexAI is one of the trusted names in IT Industry. We provide our clients with immense digital transformation strategies, problem-solving techniques and business models to digitise and scale their business performance. Moreover, we have a team of professionals with experience, strong knowledge, and a proven track record in development. We strive to deliver innovative, creative, and high quality IT solutions to our clients. At NexAI, we mobilise the right people, skills and technologies to improve your business performance and productivity.


Grow your business with advanced technologies

NexAI aggressively exploring the expansion of AI technology to be integrated into the mobile phone applications, thus providing the app features that are designed to help people simplify and accomplish tasks in a smart way. The growth of AI is driving NexAI revolutionized our business to an entirely new class of mobile application development for years now, with support by top corporations and the most supportive users. Together, we are creating the next generation of intelligent apps and enterprise-grade solutions by using the latest AI and machine learning touches.