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In today's world, mobile technology is one of the fascinating technologies which help us to live our lives smartly. We at NexAI, provide mobile and web-based solutions to businesses and help them to convert their ideas into reality. Our IT Services usually includes everything from consultation to the final development of the product. We have a team of developers with excellent proficiency. We creatively innovate new ideas with the latest technologies and develop remarkable, engaging mobile or web applications for the target audience.


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Mobile App Development

NexAI holds extensive experience in the entire mobile ecosystem with efficient processes, flexible delivery models and a vast diversity of technology. Our mobile app development proficiency empowers your businesses so you can reach a broader audience across the globe. We have a team of experts who have extensive technical knowledge to deliver quality work.

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Web App Dev

Web App Development

In this competitive emerging technology world, every business is looking for a scalable, agile, smooth & continuous web applications to grow their businesses. To develop and maintain such web applications, you need a trusted and skilled technology partner. NexAI has the potential to deliver end-to-end development services to small and medium enterprises.

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Artificial intelligence is now at its peak and has become an umbrella term for several technologies like machine learning, smart bots, virtual assistance speech recognition and more. It can move faster and do things quickly and innovatively. It also assists businesses to fast track their enterprise decision making and scales up business operations.

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cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a new way of hosting and delivering services over the Internet. With this technology, you will get business insights, determine new opportunities and build thrilling customer experiences and more. NexAI has been helping small and medium enterprises to rise above for over three years. We provide “Native Cloud” solutions to the businesses.

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Blockchain Solution

Blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet. It allows businesses to digitize their assets and help them to increase the transparency of the transaction. This technology supports your business to reduce hacking threats and give high-level security. It also eliminates human errors and reduces human interference in maintaining & verifying the data.

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IT Consulting

We provide consulting services and help you to envisage, identify and construct business opportunities in the rapidly evolving market. We have a team of experts who have been working in this industry for over three years and have helped several businesses to grow with proven methodology. We propose innovative strategy to our clients according to their business objectives.

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How We Work

One of the significant issues in the IT outsourcing industry is that the client can not control the development process. As a result, the progress of your project is low efficient, unpredictable and time-consuming.

At NexAI, we adopt the Agile software development method which allows the client to control the development flow on a daily basis. As a result, the client will deliver his/her idea more effectively which help developers to list down the priority task and allow clients to keep track of the work. This workflow will clear the vision and let the team come up with the best solution.

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How are we different?

non disclosure

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Once you contact us, we will send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect your business idea and set up a brief meeting to go over your project requirements.

Detailed Ui Design

Detailed UX design Session

After the brief meeting, we will present you a detailed proposal, our follow up questions and estimated project cost and duration with the frontend and backend resources required.

introduction to agaile

Introduction to Agile Process

We will arrange 2-3 follow up meetings at our or your office to make you understand with our Agile Product development process.


Final Meeting and Contract

Once you consider that NexAI is the right mobile technology partner for you and your business, then we sign the contract and start working on the project.

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